Hertz-Reeder Print® Strategies
Print is a practical, powerful and easy to use tool that is making a significant difference in coaching performance, marketability and bottom line profit for hundreds of Coaches around the globe.

Print allows Coaches to instantly connect with their clients.
Knowing Print allows a Coach to understand a client at a meaningful level in a very short time. By speeding up the getting-to-know-you process, the foundation for successful communication between Coach and client is created right from the start. Print tells a coach how they can best relate to a client, even before the coaching process has begun.
Print is an effective marketing tool and profit center.
Print offers immediate and tangible value, so prospects become clients at a healthier rate. At the same time, Print creates an additional income stream - Print Reports and Print debrief packages are lucrative product offerings for a Coach.
Print opens doors.
Print has been known to generate unprecedented numbers of “ah-ha” moments. Relationships and experiences suddenly make more sense. Myriad pathways emerge for those who are stuck, uncertain or seeking new directions. Print's unique ability to answer the pivotal question "why" – why do people feel, think or act as they do - is at the heart of the discovery process. Frequently hidden yet vital motivations surrounding feelings, thoughts and actions are the essential knowledge from which all else flows. Print explains why…simply, concisely, and with uncanny accuracy.
Print moves clients forward more powerfully, more quickly.
Knowing Print gives a Coach immediate insight and invaluable information – to stimulate dialogue, validate perceptions, offer new perspectives. Print accelerates client self awareness and frequently shortens the timeframe to experience shifts. The central theme of Print is growth and transformation. By using Print, learning and integration are heightened, so clients reach goals more rapidly and with much greater clarity.
Print adds professional credibility.
Certification in Print greatly expands a Coach's professional skills. It strengthens a Coach's tool box with a scientifically validated, patent pending tool and a time tested approach. Certified Print® Coaches receive a unique logo for use on their website, business cards and brochures.

Print® also has many "corporate" applications - leadership, team building, hiring, sales, etc. Specialized workshops and deliverables support each Print® application. To find out how businesses, universities and other organizations use Print® on a broader scale, please click here.

For more information on how to become certified in the "corporate" applications of Print®, please contact Debra Levine or call 305-798-2225.
Don’t take our word for it….see what Coaches have to say about Print®...
"I love Print. It is a terrific tool... "
Margaret Krigbaum, MCC
Master Certified Coach
Former Vice President
International Coach Federation
"If you think you've seen them all--- get ready for a surprise! Print is like a finger print - It is never wrong... "
Ginger Cockerham, MCC
Master Certified Coach
Vice President
International Coach Federation
"Print is totally wonderful. The more people are exposed to it, the more they love it... "
Shirley Anderson, MS, MCC,
Master Certified Coach
FIRST graduate of Coach U
aka "The Mother of Coaching"
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Clients also share their perspectives...
"I always felt a bit different from everyone else, that I somehow had to change who I was to fit in . . . now I see I have an enormous amount to offer and I feel it’s good to be me!"

"I would recommend 'Print' to anybody who is interested in increasing their level of self-awareness, and working to promote their most positive attributes, while addressing their more negative traits, whether for professional or personal reasons."
Find out what other coaching clients say about Print – Client Testimonials
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