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"I love Print. It is a terrific tool. Without labeling clients or placing them in a 'box', Print has helped my clients quickly identify the behaviors that will be strong tools in expanding their creativity and productivity. It has also given my clients, and me as their coach, incredible insight into behaviors that diminish capacity and capability. Print has provided a remarkable and easily used platform for understanding themselves more completely, and more importantly, for tremendous growth in a much shorter period of time."
Margaret Krigbaum, MCC
Master Certified Coach
Former Vice President
International Coach Federation
"If you think you've seen them all--- get ready for a surprise! Print is like a finger print - It is never wrong. With 72 different variations, Print really nails a person's true personality. I am using it as a great tool to connect instantly with my clients and to help them move through obstacles more easily and quickly move toward their goals and dreams."
Ginger Cockerham, MCC
Master Certified Coach
Vice President, International Coach Federation
"Print is totally wonderful. The more people are exposed to it, the more they love it, and that includes not only the people taking the training, but also people new to it. Thanks again for bringing this assessment to us coaches. I'm a fan."
Shirley Anderson, MS, MCC, IAC-CC
Master Certified Coach
FIRST graduate of Coach U
aka "The Mother of Coaching"
Shirley Anderson also had this to say to a Coach inquiring about the Print Certification...

"You would be well served by taking the Print training. It is fresh, evolving, and wonderfully on target. I think you'd love using it in your practice. Besides, (referring to the price of the training for a 6 week class) I've spent more than that on a good meal that's a memory within hours."
"I am finding Print to be the most user friendly coaching tool/assessment I have ever found. It is simple, yet profound. I am delighted to finally find a way to put personality descriptors in a developmental framework, instead of just, "I am a __________", or "I am X way." The clients with whom I am using it are making huge changes rapidly because of their increased awareness of their strengths, their ability to finally acknowledge and manage their shadow behavior, and their desire to make better choices about not allowing themselves to being triggered by others."
Rebecca Bradley, MCC
Master Certified Coach
"I use Print as a powerful tool to enable my clients to gain a higher level of self awareness very early on in the coaching process. "

"Most of my clients have found revealing their Print to be a very energising experience – it is good to see their Best Self recognised in black and white, and they become more comfortable with who they are, and more accepting of the occasional display of Shadow behaviour because they know why it happens – the why is very important. It seems that awareness really is curative in terms of being able to recognise shadow behaviour and what triggers it more and more quickly until you can pre-empt it altogether."

"What having Print has given me as a coach is something very tangible to talk about with prospects, and it has opened the door to me coaching people who would never have considered it before. I have been able to set up some performance coaching in several small businesses, using Print as a starting point. It seems just about everyone is fascinated by the idea of finding out more about their personality traits, and when they know their own Print they are immediately very curious to know their partner's or their work colleague's. "
Gayle Cross
United Kingdom Coach
"As one who is certified in the use of other assessments, I have been astounded by the "user friendliness" of the Print Survey. It is very easy for my clients to understand the report and to use it as a tool moving forward."

"Without exception, each person who has been Printed has been amazed by the accuracy of the report. As a coach it allows me to help clients identify behaviors that may be working to their detriment, of which they may not have been aware. Print also allows us to significantly shorten the behavior modification process."
Drazia Rubenstein, MCC
Master Certified Coach
Former President, Greater Miami International Coach Federation
Co-Chair ICF Ethics and Standards Committee
"I am a small, mountain town coach who loves supporting my community to succeed in what is significant to them. The Printing process of self-discovery offers an immediate burst of validation and energy to each of my clients and provides our coaching relationship with an instant personalized language with which to design future actions."

"Very often my clients afford themselves only short periods of coaching and make great productive strides with the insight they gain from their Print Survey and support. These clients report that they employ their conscious sense of self constantly in their progressive endeavors."

"I am so fortunate and honored to be able to share with others in these exciting developmental times of their lives."
Marianne Klanck, ACC
"The Print class was excellent in every aspect. The Print instrument makes a great addition to my coaching toolbox. Way too many 'magic bullet' courses claim to enhance practice building for coaches. This tool is a tangible, practical, and easy to use instrument to both attract clients and enhance the coaching conversation."

"PS The person who knows me best in this world, my sister, says wow that description 'fits you to a tee'."
Jean Caton MS, MBA, RD
"Just wanted to let you know that my partner and I are benefiting greatly from Print. It is an amazing tool. We are much more effective coaches when we use Print."

"We begin all of our coaching engagements with PRINT and use the results throughout the coaching relationship - we get to know our clients on a much deeper level and they get to know themselves - as a result they take action sooner."

Alyson Lyon, MBA
Executive Coach & Consultant
"This is great-- what I loved was the full scope of information -- I read the shadow list to my husband and he said there is something on the list I have been wanting to tell you for years!!!!! :) It is very well-rounded."

"By knowing my Unconscious Motivator, now I realise why I struggle so much with cold calling . . . Knowing this has made me re-define some of my business goals, and look for other ways to recognise what I have achieved, so that appreciation from others is not so crucial to me."

"I was shocked by the accuracy of Print . . . I think the biggest insight has been learning that some of the positive personality traits that I have are not shared by everybody and should be considered part of my "u.s.p's", and as such part of my skill base to be embraced and harnessed."

"My partner is now aware of the kinds of behavior/situations which bring out the worst in me, and is therefore more mindful of avoiding these scenarios!"

"My Print was fantastically and frighteningly accurate!"

"In preparation for our session, I read over my Print Report and cannot get over how ‘right on' it is! WOW! There isn't one thing that I cannot agree with. Thank you. I am so looking forward to our work together!"

"I think Print would be useful for anyone wanting to build up their self esteem or confidence as it highlights all your best qualities and that makes you feel good. It is also very useful if completing CV or job application forms."

"I must thank you for what I found to be a very insightful, helpful and positive process. I found the questionnaire fascinating and the response, in my case, illuminating. The analysis of my personality, interests and inclinations was extremely accurate. In fact, most of the issues raised are ones with I have confronted as "life issues". I was uplifted to find that I feel I've reached a balance on many if not most of the concerns. By comparison, the remaining "shadow traits" are small potatoes. Still, I have tried to focus some new and/or different energies on the two that really spoke to me... particularly my "neglect" of time with my son. I'm already doing a little better and have scheduled a "vacation/ trip" for the two of us in April. This has been such an enjoyable, rewarding experience."

"I have done a considerable amount of introspective work in the 16 years of my life and the Print Survey served as an affirmation for the "real" me. All of my strengths were clearly identified as well as my shadow behaviors. It was especially helpful sharing it with colleagues and building new bridges in difficult relationships. I highly recommend that trainers and coaches use this valuable tool."

"I wanted to thank you for your analysis of Print. This is a very impressive tool to use with clients. As a professor in a graduate program in leadership I review and teach about many assessment tools in the classroom. What sets this tool apart from others is the way that Print captures an individual's true motivational wiring. While I find significant value in the MBTI & DISC and use these to help understand others, I have always felt there was something missing that did not complete the picture. Discovering this primal element of motivation that Print captures has far reaching implications for leadership, counseling, sales, etc. Our session together was most enlightening and valuable—thanks again"

"Thank you so much for the time you spent with me earlier this week. The discussion we had really helped me to look at this situation from a different perspective. Wow, we've already seen improved results. As you know, Print has become a part of our lives…..this situation further confirmed the benefits. I love this stuff! It makes so much sense and I feel so much more effective when I use Print "sense".

"I know many people who have done MBTI and also taken the Print assessment. As you know, I got much more value from Print, but I wanted to know if the others felt the same way. So I asked them how well the MBTI fit them and then how well the Print description fit them. The replies were overwhelmingly in favor of the Print model as describing them accurately.

"Here is some feedback on the Print Survey I took for our session. I shared it with my wife. Here is what she had to say about what she read. She has been with me for 22 years so nobody knows me any better. ‘Oh, my gosh. I don't think I have ever heard you described to such a tee! This was unbelievable."
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