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Is Print more beneficial for a newer Coach or one that is more experienced? Print knowledge gained during certification along with the information in the Print Report are meaningful additions to the Coach-Client relationship at any stage of a Coach's development. Print offers deep insight into a client – the reasons why they make many of the choices they make, the healthy Best Self behaviors they are likely to exhibit and the Shadow behaviors that tend to show up under stressful conditions. Print also lets a Coach know how best to connect with a client – on their terms. This comes from the Print motto "doing unto others as they would prefer you do unto them." Is there a better way to build a relationship? Probably not. Coaches at all levels will benefit from Print.
If I or a client have a problem taking the Print Survey or receiving a Print Report, what should I do? First, let us assure you that the Print Survey is an extremely stable and reliable survey due to its excellent programming and high quality hosting. That being said, should you or your client encounter a problem, you should contact Debra Levine. Please note that the phone number is your direct access to a live person, 24/7, who will navigate you to a solution or put you in touch with someone who will. In fact, this same email and phone number will get all of your questions answered, technical or otherwise. The contact email and phone number appear in a number of places - in the Print Survey instructions, when you click on CONTACT US on the PrintStrategies.com home page, on the BECOME A CERTIFIED PRINT® COACH page, and on the REGISTRATION page when you register for the "Become A Certified Print® Coach!" class.
What if I have other kinds of questions; about Print, the classes, certification? Contact Debra Levine for all of your questions. Please note that the phone number connects to a live person, 24/7, who will be able to answer your question or put you in contact with someone who will.
What if I am signed up to be certified in Print and I have a serious conflict, am traveling or become ill and must miss a class - will I still be certified? We are aware that sometimes "life happens" and you simply cannot avoid missing a class. You are permitted to miss one class and still become a Certified Print Coach upon the recommendation of your class leader.
Is Print Survey validated? A series of independent third party studies and validations were conducted on the Print Survey with over three thousand respondents involved in the studies. All the studies found Print to be a valid and reliable measure of personality as indicated by face, content, construct, and criterion-related validity tests, as well as test-retest reliability. Print was also shown to be age, gender and ethnicity neutral. The validation research also concluded that the Print Survey does in fact measure what it purports to measure and is a valid tool in identifying Print. Copies of the validation studies are available through the Certified Print Coach classes.
Are the print class leaders qualified? The class leaders are highly experienced Certified Print Coaches who are also Master Certified Coaches. They are among the top leaders in the Coaching profession who have chosen to become not only users but also instructors of Print for their fellow Coaches!
Are Print classes, Print certification or the Print survey available through other sources? No. Print is only available to Coaches through our company, Hertz-Reeder Print Strategies. So you won’t see yourself coming and going. Print is an exclusive club – a global network – that we welcome you to join.
Why is there a licensing agreement? In order to protect the Print intellectual property, which took years to design and validate, a licensing agreement is necessary. Print® is trademarked and applications of Print are patent-pending, thus we have a legal responsibility to protect Print intellectual property and to ensure that the people who are taught Print understand and accept the terms of the licensing agreement..
Can I use Print with groups and can I give seminars on Print? As a Certified Print Coach, you are licensed to use Print in your coaching of individual clients. If you have an ongoing coaching group which is comprised of only your clients, you may use the Print Survey and apply your Print knowledge with the members of your coaching group. The Print Coach certification does not license Coaches to give seminars, workshops, or presentations on Print. If you are involved with organizations - teams or groups - who would benefit from learning Print in a workshop format, a business alliance can be created with the Paul Hertz Group, the entity that brings Print to the "corporate" world - companies, universities, governmental agencies, industry associations, etc. A special process is available to certify and license Print Trainers for companies. Another process is available to certify and license Print Coaches for companies (includes license to use expanded products and reports designed exclusively for organizations such as the Team Diagnostic, Best Self Survey, Motivation Strategies. To see a brief description of these corporate products and reports, please click here). Please contact Debra Levine or call 305-798-2225 for further information.

If your preference is to coach and not train, but expanding your client base sounds appealing (a natural outgrowth of attending the Print workshop), a collaborative relationship can also be formed in which a Paul Hertz Group Print Trainer conducts Print workshops and the Coach provides Print coaching to workshop participants.
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